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Developed 2017
Client S.H.O.R.E. Centre
Class Design Thinking I (UX100)
Status Finished Concept
Platforms Responsive Website / Mobile Application
Tools Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Xd
Prototype v1.0


During our Design Thinking I: Foundations course, we were tasked with working on a small group project with community partners to design UX focused solutions to problems they identified to us. Our group decided to work with S.H.O.R.E., a company based out of Kitchener-Waterloo who’s mission is to “promote choice through accurate sexual health education and confidential pregnancy options support.”

S.H.O.R.E. identified their demographic of concern as young adults; specifically, young people searching for information about sex with very limited previous exposure. From that, we proceeded with research into the demographic, their current portfolio of resources, and what users identify as pain-points in their current process. After a bit of initial research, we established our ‘how might we’ statement: how might we provide young adults with accurate, beneficial and engaging sexual health resources?

Our strategy and development revolved around S.H.O.R.E.’s search functionality and it’s effectiveness; we identified it early in user testing as a major pain-point. As we worked through our strategies, the fundamental issue with S.H.O.R.E.’s plethora of resources was the ease of access for users looking to take advantage of those same resources. Their web search was not properly optimized to provide relevant resources, and S.H.O.R.E.’s entire mobile presence previously consisted of a semi-optimized mobile website.

Moving into our prototyping, we wanted to address that ease of access for information; I personally worked individually on a design for a mobile application. Their most engaging feature that previously existed was their chat option, and so I took careful care to make sure that was considered while designing the mobile platform, but the highlight of the mobile view I designed (and the web view my teammates worked on) was a redesigned search engine. That engine would accept demographic information on the user securely and anonymously, which would in turn allow us to give them results specifically tailored to their situation.

My focus for this project was the interface and structural design of the mobile application, some of which you can view here. If you’d like more information on the project, including more process work or other prototypes, please send me an email! I’m really happy with the work our team did and would love to chat about it. To view a high-fidelity, clickable prototype, click here.


Redesigned a dashboard enabling users to compare dense data sets in a variety of subjects with ease and clarity.
Developed         2019
Client World Council on City Data (Coursework)
Roles UX Design, UI Design
Status Presented to Client
Designed a web dashboard interface for university recruiters to connect with and compare international applicants.
Developed         2018
Client Concourse Global
Roles UX Design, UI Design
Status Launched
Designed a networking application for students to give and receive feedback with peers, alumni and industry professionals.
Developed         2018
Client Coursework
Roles UX Design, UI Design
Status Completed Proposal

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