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Developed 2016 - Present
Status Launched, Live on Cydia
Platforms Jailbroken iOS, macOS
Tools Pen & Paper Sketching
Abobe Illustrator
Downloads approx. 3000


I began theming icons for iOS in high school at the peak of the jailbreaking craze. iOS 7 had just come out and frankly, people were unhappy with the radical change. Personally, I appreciated the change, but I understood the desire for a more cohesive range of icons that were more descriptive regarding the apps actual uses (here's to you, Game Centre). From that point on I began to teach myself how to inject my custom made icons onto my device, and eventually to the devices of many, with my first themeing efforts 'Pluto' and 'Acai' each garnering hundreds of downloads.

From that work and those learning experiences has come miOS. Featuring an ever-growing catalogue of applications that are included in the package, miOS is a glyph-based theme that covers a vast majority of popular iOS applications. I host the theme on my hand-made Cydia repository (via Github), and update the package on a monthly basis (I'm currently still jailbroken on my iPhone). Developing a glyph-based theme that distinguished clearly which app is which without the need for icon labels has been an interesting exercise in patience, clarity and graphic communication. Through careful ideation exercises (in this case, ideation is used as a softer way to say repeated failure) I find I've struck a balance between form and function with these icons.

Currently, there are approximately 250 icons themed with fully-custom vector icons, as well as glyphs that alter the status bar and control center. You can download miOS by adding my Cydia repository at


Designed a networking application for students to give and receive feedback with peers, alumni and industry professionals.
Developed         2018
Client Coursework
Roles UX Design, UI Design
Status Completed Proposal
Designed a mobile application to engage at-risk young people with accurate, informative sexual health resources.
Development       2018
Client S.H.O.R.E. Centre (Coursework)
Roles UX Design, UI Design
Status Presented to Client
Developed powerful brand imagery, jerseys and merchandise conveying strength and stability (built as a member of the program).
Developed         2014-2016
Client Cameron Heights Collegiate Institue
Roles Branding, Graphic Design
Status Launched

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