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Developed 2018
Client Concourse Global
Status Launched
Platforms Responsive Web App
Tools Adobe Illustrator
Invision Studio
Sketch (w/ Zeplin)

Licensed for portfolio use by Concourse Global.


During my summer designership with Concourse I worked through a number of design challenges; none more important than redesigning the dashboard view, the backbone of the platform. Tasked with developing an understanding of the user journey and adopting it's offerings to better support users with priorities such as facilitating connections, managing communications, and organizing their workflow on the platform, I set out to build a dashboard that worked to compliment the users existing understanding of Concourse's abilities while allowing the company to scale effectively and add new features.

Concourse is an education consulting company with a focus on facilitating meaningful connections between university recruiters and high school students looking to study internationally, with communications and offerings routed through prospective student's guidance counselors. Concourse provides the platform for universities to send messages, offer scholarships, and answer questions to students, as well as the mediation dashboard for high school guidance counselors and the access portal for students to engage with multiple potential places to study.

Working as the lone UX Designer at the company, my responsibilities ranged from journey-mapping and moodboarding to prototypes of various fidelities and the eventual handoff of the design to the development team. As I began to work through understanding stakeholder priorities, the existing user-flow, and the information architecture structure, my work focused on the balance between productivity via intentional density and interactions that feel natural to users dealing with complex sets of unique, rich data.

The eventual solution for the Univerisites Dashboard involved two key views -- 'Discover' and 'Engage.' In the 'Discover' view, users are presented with a list of students whose key demographics match up with filters set by recruiters -- who have the option to be hyper-specific or quite generic with their priorities. This filter option was a key user request that drastically improved the product experience by empowering users to take their productivity into their own hands, and is present on both the 'Discover' and 'Engage' views. When adding a filter, users are presented with clearly-organized dependencies they are able to add to their search, with the ability to save their search to be reviewed in either view.

Student data is presented anonymously to protect privacy, and based on the data available in both the compact sidebar and expanded fullscreen view recruiters are able to choose one of three options with a student; 'Archive' (dismiss until new data is added for that student), 'Later' (leaves the student marked in the 'Discover' tab to be engaged at a later time), or 'Engage' (open a message thread with student). Once a student is engaged with and approved for engagement by that students guidance counselor, the students name is then revealved to the recruiters in the 'Engage' tab and the converstaion can continue.

Many important considerations went into the design of both views, such as data density (how much information is too much?), information priorities (what do university's care about at a glance?), contrast, colour, and structure... to name just few. I value highly the experiential learning this project enabled me to do, soaking in lessons regarding development team handoff, managing client relations, balancing stakeholder needs with business priorities, and working with the MVP model of startup culture. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Concourse for taking the chance on me as a student designer and entrusting me with the opportunity to learn and grow on this project, and look forward to watching Concourse grow moving forward.


Redesigned a dashboard enabling users to compare dense data sets in a variety of subjects with ease and clarity.
Developed         2019
Client World Council on City Data (Coursework)
Roles UX Design, UI Design
Status Presented to Client
Designed a networking application for students to give and receive feedback with peers, alumni and industry professionals.
Developed         2018
Client Coursework
Roles UX Design, UI Design
Status Completed Proposal
Designed a mobile application to engage at-risk young people with accurate, informative sexual health resources.
Development       2018
Client S.H.O.R.E. Centre (Coursework)
Roles UX Design, UI Design
Status Presented to Client

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