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Developed 2018
Client Concourse Global
Status Published Documentation
Platforms .pdf file, Sketch Asset Library
Download Standards Guide (.pdf)
Standards Guide (Sketch)

Licensed for portfolio use by Concourse Global.


During my summer designership with Concourse, a key issue identified early on in our processes was the inconsistent use of the Concourse mark across platforms and offerings, so I set out to create a standards manual that would help to promote consistency and keep both internal and external communications accountable. The result was this brand standards guide, available for download in the 'Project Details' section of this page.

The guide is intentionally simple, meant to communicate just enough information about how the mark should be used and what it should be accompanied by without any potential confusion or resistance. The standards are pretty, well, standard, but convey confidence and class when applied consistently. The guidelines were built in Sketch and built to be used as an asset library, something which helped me out internally when working on other projects for the company. The .pdf version works well for those people in things like marketing and sales departments, who may not be working with the actual design of services but may want to use the mark or type for another project.


Designed a web dashboard interface for university recruiters to connect with and compare international applicants.
Developed         2018
Client Concourse Global
Roles UX Design, UI Design
Status Launched
Addressed usability concerns concerning the interactive dining table experience for a senior-level interaction design course.
Addressed usability concerns concerning the interactive dining table experience for a senior-level interaction design course.
Client Coursework Roles UX Design, UI Design Status Completed Proposal
Developed a three-year strategic plan to cultivate (from scratch) a sustainably-led, consistent, high quality print media production for Lauirer students.
Development       2018-2020 (Ongoing)
Client Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications
Roles Editor-in-Chief
Status Underway

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