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CARNEGIE 2018-2019


Developed 2018-2019
Client Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications
Status Published
Software Tools Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Carnegie Team Ethan Mills
Liam Bullock
Kyle Peavoy
Christina Stiller
Anna Bolger
Allie Leask
Hyrra Chunghtai
Jonnica Hill
Meghan Grandy
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When I took over ‘the Carnegie’ as Editor-in-Chief, my goal was to create a sustainable methodology for consistently high quality photography and design; something that would ultimately result in the yearly output of a particularly well-made, published piece of print media. I believe we’ve accomplished the first step of that with the 2018-2019 edition of ‘the Carnegie.’

My role consisted primarily of managing the design and photography teams, overseeing the design and development of the overall theme and ensuring a consistent deliverable. As a part of a previously developed three year plan for sustainable growth of the publication, I established a team of directors to oversee individual volunteer teams which handle each important suite of contributions to the book. The establishment of these directors proved invaluable as it freed up my time and attention to focus on the more finite details that an EIC of a publication should be able to focus on. We met various deadlines with our publisher for cover and signature submissions and ultimately shipped the book on-time.

Ultimately responsible for managing the final InDesign files, I utilized key features such as data merges, paragraph styles, CC libraries and more while personally designing the cover of the book using a hybrid of Illustrator and Photoshop. The cover features an embossed, metallic-textured hawk and a soft watercolour purple background. The purple and gold represented Laurier, but the goal with the cover was the subtle execution of a familiar brand in a classy, collected, and cool way. Overall, I’d say we achieved it.

With a strong background in print media, I have been contributing to my school yearbooks since the eleventh grade. Leading an entire publication offered a new set of challenges, including relationship management, public relations strategies and ultimately delivering a creative vision from start to finish. As I continue on in the role into year two of my strategic three year plan, I am excited by new challenges and look forward to the opportunities I have to continue to grow the team and increase the quality of the publication.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my collaborators on this project; thank you all so much for your hard work on this labour of love. Here’s to many more years worth of yearbooks at Laurier Brantford.


Developed a three-year strategic plan to cultivate (from scratch) a sustainably-led, consistent, high quality print media production for Lauirer students.
Development       2018-2020 (Ongoing)
Client Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications
Roles Editor-in-Chief
Status Underway
Contributed to multiple school yearbooks as a designer and photographer.
Developed         2016-2017
Client Cameron Heights Collegiate Institue
Roles Graphic Design, Photography
Status Published
Laurier Athletics
Expanded on institutional brand standards and practices to increase presence and engagement with the Laurier community.
Development       2019-2020 (Ongoing)
Client Wilfrid Laurier University Athletics & Recreation
Roles Branding, Graphic Design
Status Launched

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