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Developed 2014-2016
Client Cameron Heights Athletics Department
Status Launched, Active Identity
Tools Adobe Illustrator


When deciding whether to continue my high-school volleyball career past the junior program, I spoke with the senior coach about the opprotunity to win a championship for the school. I had already developed the logo for the program in my media arts class for my Adobe Illustrator project, but he promised me that if we could bring a championship to the school, he would put that logo onto new jerseys, something I could offer creative direction on.

Needless to say, I had the opprotunity in winter and spring of 2016 to work on the design of new jerseys to compliment some of the gear that already donned the logo I created for the program. The new jerseys were to be simple and beautiful with powerful colours and proportions to give off a vibe of power, class, and grace, something I believe was well-executed in the jerseys which are now a highlight of the program.

Powerful imagery and a powerful identity help to strengthen the winning culture that is being continuously developed by coach Frank Leung, and these jerseys (along with the accompanying accessories) only contribute to that power. It has been an honour working with the school to design and build the identity for the volleyball program, one full of pride in themselves due in part to their identity.


Laurier Athletics
Expanded on institutional brand standards and practices to increase presence and engagement with the Laurier community.
Development       2019-2020 (Ongoing)
Client Wilfrid Laurier University Athletics & Recreation
Roles Branding, Graphic Design
Status Launched
Contributed to multiple school yearbooks as a designer and photographer.
Developed         2016-2017
Client Cameron Heights Collegiate Institue
Roles Graphic Design, Photography
Status Published
Developed a three-year strategic plan to cultivate (from scratch) a sustainably-led, consistent, high quality print media production for Lauirer students.
Development       2018-2020 (Ongoing)
Client Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications
Roles Editor-in-Chief
Status Underway

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