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World Council on City Data

Data Visualization at Scale


Developed 2019
Class Design Thinking II (UX200)
Partners World Council on City Data
Status Presented to Client
Platforms Web
Tools Sketch
Group Members Joel Schellenberger
Nicole Chow
Mikayla Ferraro
Cameron Fong
Kathy Nguyen
Tyler Oakes
Cedric Zheng
Full Report Download PDF


The following concept statement and quick process outline is taken from the combined deliverable report put together for this project, which you can download and view via the link in the details section of this page.

Initially our client presented us their concern of ‘scalability’ for managing and presenting the large data sets provided by the World Council on City Data (WCCD). Through diligent research and user validation we came to the conclusion that we would focus on the redesign of the website to ensure more effective usability by simplifying the appearance of the data to make it more engaging to work with, while removing certain barriers of entry from the current offering.

We began by conducting research through literature regarding best practices when designing sites for data visualization with large data sets. We also completed competitive analysis’ in order to analyze other well- designed websites with a focus on data visualization to capture the strengths and weaknesses of other websites of this nature. Following this, we conducted ideation workshops to generate as many ideas as we could. We conducted phases of individual and team idea generating, which was followed by heat mapping and selecting best elements of multiple designs to help guide us to one idea to be prototyped.

This led us into designing new and refined features that give the user access to the types of data they’d find valuable in a visual comparison, allowed them to access it in a way that was simple enough to comprehend on first viewing, and empowered them to understand where the data was coming from in relation to ISO 37120.

During our usability testing, we found some common and informative concerns that helped us shape the final design. Through our findings, we have been able to work through a redesign of the WCCD website that is visually appealing, usable, and scalable, as well as develop recommendations for the future of the site.



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