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Communicating Value to Users from Multiple Demographics


Developed 2018
Client Concourse Global
Status Unused Concept
Platforms Responsive Website
Tools Adobe Illustrator
Invision Studio
Sketch (w/ Zeplin)

Licensed for portfolio use by Concourse Global.


During my summer designership with Concourse I worked through a number of design challenges, including the outward-facing web presence for the company. The original website (currently still live) is built on Wordpress, using a very simple theme without a lot of room for expansion or customization. My task was to redesign the web presence in a way that promotes the values of the company, communicates the value to potential customers, and presents those things in a way that matches current design trends while presenting the company as a strong, stable presence in their market.

Concourse is an education consulting company with a focus on facilitating meaningful connections between university recruiters and high school students looking to study internationally, with communications and offerings routed through prospective student's guidance counselors. Concourse provides the platform for universities to send messages, offer scholarships, and answer questions to students, as well as the mediation dashboard for high school guidance counselors and the access portal for students to engage with multiple potential places to study.

On this project, I worked on the entire site, doing everything from understanding the user journey when signing up to be on the platform to developing the content strategy for the site. Although the developed site has not yet launched, I designed views for each prospective user type, including counselors, universities, and students, working through low-fidelity mockups closely with stakeholders and users, and eventually designing high-fidelity mockups for the site on both web and mobile views with the intention of development team handoff. Working as the lone UX'er on the team made this a challenging process, but also a rewarding learning experience.



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