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Responsive Website Template


Developed 2019
Status Launched (Internal Template)
Platform Responsive Website
Tools Sketch

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION, on top of providing their own database of new and used cars available for purchase, offers independent car dealerships the opportunity to utilize their backend behind a custom-developed, dealership-specific site.

This project revolved around the designing of a template for those custom, dealership-specific sites. Carpages employs a team of hard-working developers who custom-tailor the template designs to the specific dealerships upon partnership, however they offer a number of template sites for the dealerships to choose from as a base for their individual sites.

Working from a brief, I handled the UX and UI design all the way from low-fidelity wireframes to a high-fidelity, clickable prototype of a new template for dealerships to choose as a base for their individual sites. I worked primarily in Sketch, using a 12 column grid system for ease of handoff, communicating with Carpages throughout the process and ultimately delivering something that they pursued development of.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Carpages and wish them nothing but the best moving forward.



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