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Honouring tradition with a modern identity.


Developed 2016
Client Cameron Heights Athletics Department
Status Unused Concept
Tools Adobe Illustrator


Although it was never actually adopted by the department, I take great pride in my redesign of the Cameron Athletics branding. Cameron Heights, my alma mater, is a school rich in history that manages to be respectful of its history without being resistant to change. Constant innovation flows through the school, and the athletic department is no exception. Working within their limited budget, the school's athletic department offers progressive training options that work to make their athletes their best regardless of their sport of previous level of training. Because of this commitment to progression and learning, Cameron has enjoyed a ton of athletic success, and is becoming a staple at the provincial competitions and beginning to earn a reputatation as a powerhouse in some of their staple sports such as volleyball, track and field, and soccer.

With this increased exposure in mind and taking the lessons learned from my project with the Cameron Volleyball team, I set out to refresh the athletic identity to be more modern, more intimidating, and more fine-tuned, while keeping the original colours and themes that are consistent with the Cameron Heights brand. Keeping the beloved mascot Scotty as the focal point for the project, I wanted to incorporate the gold that the school takes so much pride in into a menacing-looking, kilt-wearing scottish warrior. I incorporated the gold as fire, a nod to the flame so often associated with athletics, along with spelling out Gaels in the flames that burn overtop of the shield as a reminder that the mascot is not just a Gael, but a golden one at that.



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