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Building a culture of creativity.


Developed 2016
Client Cameron Heights Art Department
Status Unused Concept


I was fortunate enough in my time at Cameron Heights to have the opportunity to work directly with the head of the art department on a project based on making the courses more accessible to students outside of the department. The objective was simple: develop identities for each classroom that offers courses in the faculty of art, so that students who walk by the rooms get a sense of the projects and mediums that are worked with in that space.

Out came six logos. Photography, Film, Media Art, Yearbook, Visual Art and IB Art are all represented, which are the main focuses of the department. Initially, each class that was taught in each room would be represented by these icons being painted onto the door — although this never came to be, the icons were built with this purpose in mind. They have consistent design properties and provide a friendly representation of each class, with a bit of character to give some depth to the courses.

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Stark to develop these icons and I wish the art department nothing but the best as they continue to try and build the best department in the board.



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