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Developed: 2016

As someone looking to develop memorable, recognizable brands, my own personal branding was very important to me. I knew I wanted something personal, scalable, and beautiful that was simple enough to be recognized but not simple enough to be easily mistaken for another brand.

Out popped tide. It is my logo-mark resembling the moon (which, of course, is the great entity that controls the tides). It is simple at it’s core being only one colour and an easily scalable shape, which is something I strive for in all my projects and immediately I felt satisfied with the idea of slapping that on everything I do. It’s short, sweet, and to the point — a direction I feel UX and branding could both benefit from going.

I’ve always been fond of the ocean, but the idea of being able to manipulate such a great body of water is something that has fascinated me about the moon. I found the imagery to be a good metaphor for my work in design and combining it with the fact that I am sometimes working very late into the night it seemed like a fitting choice for my personal brand.