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Hi, I'm Joel!

I’m a Canadian designer and student studying User Experience Design.

I study UX for a number of reasons. I have a background in graphic design, and a passion for aesthetics; sometimes I get emotional over fonts. I’ve helped my grandmother use and understand technology for as long as I can remember and I spend a great deal of my life wondering why things are the way they are.

So many things we interact with in our everyday lives are the result of decisions. Made by designers, by manufacturers, by users, every aspect of the experience from start to finish are impacted by those decisions. Too often though, people neglect those decisions and fail to realize the impact of their choices, and fail to understand the gravity of each and every moment in the interactions that make up our lives.

I love UX because it encourages kinds of thinking I don’t necessarily have the chance to consider or contribute to in other disciplines. It gives me opportunities to consider many perspectives; to work on developing the kind of empathy we should all have for each other, regardless of whether it’s in the context of UX or interpersonal relationships.

So here I am, doing my best to contribute consciously in meaningful ways to the interactions that fill our days; moments with our screens, with our friends, with our environments. I consider myself quite fortunate to have the opportunities I have to make an impact on the lives of the people who engage with me in so many different ways, and I’m doing my best to take advantage of each and every chance I get to do so.

Here’s to making things better, one “why?” at a time.



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Bachelor of Design, User Experience Design
Wilfrid Laurier University (expected 2022)

Ontario Secondary School Diploma
Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute (2016)


'Code / Design to Win' Finalist (4th Place)
Communitech (2018)

Alumni Association Award of Merit
Wilfrid Laurier University (2018)

Graphic Design Award
Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute (2017)

Photographer / Designer of the Year
The Carnegie (2018)